Oh,unaware people

Conversation of a believer with his creator by poem.

  1. Oh unware one,why are u unwaring
  2. Oh innocent one,why are u annoy
  3. See the creatures of universe atleast
  4. Talk with the different flowers atleast
  5.  See the heavens from sunrise to set
  6.  How much colours they change


All are perform worship of my creator.

Allah swt says in the Quran

Oh mankind,sight around you then finaly your sight will come back with dishonour and you cannot get a single mistake in my creation.

and Allah swt also says in the Quran

If you do not worship me,i cannot raise or down by your worship because all the creatures of universe worship me.

  • May Allah swt guide us and accept our deeds.

Sound heart in islam

According to islam a sound heart believer die and resurrect on the day of judgement and then again die but Nobody can change his sound heart.

Allah swt will only see our hearts on the day of judgement in the form of sound heart that how much humble to Allah and with his creatures,How much steadfast on the deen and commandments of Allah swt.

Sound heart depend on steadfastness on islamamic monothiesm and its have a degree such as level of eiman from earth to highest heaven.

food of sound heart

1)submittion to oneness of Allah swt.

2)prayer five times in a day on exact time.

3)Commandments of Allahs swt.

4)Remembrance of Allah swt.

Poision of sound heart(disobedient to Allah swt.)

1)exessive eating(today doctors also says that don’t eat exessive).

2)exessive talking(gheebat its a sin).

3)exessive sleeping.(laziness)

4)keeping bad company.

5)Involve in prohibited things such as,usury,illegal sexual intercourse etc.

A sound heart believer have a light of Allah swt which help in the obedience of Allah swt.

The ‘degree of sound heart’ of a believer depend on the movement of pulai sirat bridge on the day of judgement.

A believer fears only death of his heart rather than his physical death.(ibn al qayyim r.a)


Light of beliver in islam.

  • A believer is a person who is fully submitted to Allah swt and a muslim who is believe only Allah swt.


  • Prophet mohammad saw said that beaware the insight light of believers because it is the light of Allah swt.


  • A believer see angels,spirits,Prophets by the light of Allah swt and feel content in the heart by light of Allah swt and it tells about prohibited and permitted things for mankind.


  • Light of Allah swt provide peace,love,trust,security,content, patience and sence of gratitude for believer.
  • fa tooba lil ghurab


  • So glad tidings for strangers(ghuraba) believers and they are beautiful and best creatures on the earth in the sight of Allah swt and only they are successful on the earth and in the hereafter.


  • They get reward equal to 50 previous  believers bcz at that time steadfast on sunnah is like as put a burning coal on hand.


  • A believer is stranger for muslims and a scholar  is stranger for believers due to level of eiman.



  • Due to light of believer flame of fire cannot harm to believer on pulay sirat bridge on the day of judgement.


  • A window of paradise open in the grave for a believer and wear dress of  paradise in the grave and his face will be shine by wudu and pots of forhead.


  • May Allah swt grant us light of believer in this dunya.


Gog (yajooj)and magog(majooj) by islam,bible and science.

American scientist,Stephan hawking told that a another lifes in universeve also present if we disturb him then we will harm ourselfs.


Gog and magog are two nations who wages war against lord at the end of the world as a friend of satan,it is also mention in ezekiel chapter 38 and 39 in christianity.


Islamic scholars says that yajooj and majooj a two tribe in large amount like as vastness of rainy insects.which is underground in between two mountains by barries then a time will come barrier will break by the permission of Allah swt and then mischief and wages war against Allah swt everywhere on earth.

They would be big in size and 1000 child of yajooj n majooj born of before death,a very horrical moment will be happen on earth n everywhere mischief & mischief will be seen.

A very large amount of population died by them and this will happen by the permission of Allah swt and it is mention in two verses of Quran..

May Allah swt guide us on true path..

Earthquake by Islam n science

Scicence and civil engineers says that a epicentre present in the tactonic plates of  earth crust of mountain move from one direction to another due to enlarge amount of heat present in the earth crust of mountain and also mountain work as a stablizer for earth bcz mountains is deeply rooted by pegs.

Islam says that when sins such as illegal sexual intercourse,murder,robing etc increases on the earth then earthquake take place and heat increases on the earth by sins.

Islam says that when imam mahdi alaihai salam will come on the earth for leavings sins and fill earth everywhere with honesty,after that every fruits and vegytables will be much tasty and big in nature.

Today we also see that everywhere fruits and vegetables taste and size decreases,here a huge relation between sins and nature on earth.

A Muslim impression on a Non muslim

I was in my graduation,i lived outside 300kms away from home in a boys hostle in which we are only two Muslims out of 35 and I lived alone but I met any student a little conversation with them with open heart rather than exessive(sunnah of Prophets) and I am spiritual boy,i lunched and dinner on tarrif of the hostle where a non Muslim women cooked food for the students and I talked to with  her only two or three effective words in good manner(sunnah of prophets) I ate food whatever she cooked in silent mode (sunnah of prophet)but other students behave ruidly for the food if whenever I went her any thing she gave me but for others she denied and whatever my friend wanted they brought by me and I also drunk water in the siting state by  water cooler which is kept on the tarrif(sunnah of Prophet) and I talked her little 3 years duaghter in very loving manner(sunnah of Prophet)  but before me she never talked with her little daughter in loving manner but after,she noticed me, she also talked with her in loving manner and she said to others that X boy eat whatever I cook and said that he is  a good boy to other students behind me and my Prophet sunnah impress much to her and she noticed only my actions.

My intention only is what a beautiful religion Islam and Prophet sunnah,you can  impress anyone by only actions…..

Depression n Islam

hopelessness with the Allah swt and love More other than creator is only responsible for depression n it is a dangerous disease n 5 percent of wordly population face this problem n there symptoms is




4)fear with nature

5)fear of death

6)fear of insanity

5)continuos negativity

Only solution of depression is fully surrender to Allah swt n believe in the oneness of Allah swt and accept your own afflictions and perform five times deeply Salah on exact time and talk to Allah swt in solitude and go close to nature feel deeply the creativity of creator n do whatever you like then u feel changes very slowly n changes converted to final ultimate peace n take also healthy diets of omega 3 fatty acids such as fish,alsi etc

“Whoever you, Allah swt guides can never be misguide n whoever you,Allah swt misguide can never be guide.”

“Allah swt is sufficient for us.”

Mostly broken heart people face depression,

Every loss and pain only for one reason that u come back to your maker,creator.

Allah swt mention in the Qur’an

If a person come to Allah by walking then he come to running..

Allah swt loved his servants more than 70 times of his mother.

If a sinful person repent his sins and believe in the oneness of Allah and do good deeds then Allah swt forgive his  all sins,because he is oft forgiving n most merciful.

If you get another way rather than Islam then you will again depress after sometimes because Islam covert depression into modesty n purity of soul.

When you reach in the stage of purity u will become a momin or believer and only believers is successful in the world and hereafter.

In Islam level of a believer is more than 10 kaba’s and more than 1000 angels.

Believer life after death in Islam

when a believer die in Islam and angel of death appear in front of him with fragrance,musk and greeting n take his soul easily.

Believer will go direct into jannah n because his sins account  will be destroy on the day of judgement because he continuously repent and weeps.

Jannah will without fear, worry, depression and anxiety and the lowest level of jannah is 10 times more than the world.

qualities of momin or believer  in Islam

When Allah mention he feels fear in the heart and when he recites the verses of Quran his faith will increase.


True happiness

Happiness is most important thing in life,science give thousand of tips on happiness.

Yet everyone selling happiness like drug dealers, pharmaceutical companies, toy companies, cinema world etc.

Can we purchase happiness?????


We can purchase temperary happiness by this temperary things which is not a ultimate happiness n peace.

Today’s people running behind temperary things in the world who never know that these things leave him one-day so why we can’t bring ultimate happiness and peace.

Ultimate happiness will come from inner spirit because a human life depend on two things one is health which is come from this world in the form of foods n water n the other is life of soul which is come from remembering of oneness of Allah,obedience of Allah and complete submission to the will of Allah knows as predestination or taqdeer which is a sixth piller of Islam.

Why come from remembering of Allah???

Because he is maker of your soul,creator,destroyer,all-knower,all-wise,all-recogniser,giver, cherisher,forgiver,disposer of all affairs,sustainer,maintainer etc

Since 18th century peoples attach to materialistic things n leave the maker at back side and forget him.

Every stuck of this universe will test the reality of God.

Everything in this universe have a great value.

Mountain is a stabilizer of the earth.

Clouds protect ourself from rediation.

Earth gives food.

Sun gives light to this world.

Everything is balance and maintain by a maintainer n he is one Allah.

Allah swt says in the Quran:-

“We created mankind and jinn only to worship me”.

Every emotion such as thoughts,grief,envy,fear,anger,jealously etc come from soul of mankind and its medicines is only present in the rememembrance of almighty Allah swt bcz it is your creator and your body is like as clothes on soul which will remove after death.

Remembrance of Allah swt is the food of soul and all emotions depend on purity of soul.

Allah swt says in the Quran that:-

“Remembrance of Allah do heart find rest”.

May Allah swt give us good life in this dunya and in the hereafter.


What is Islam in brief????

Islam is the religion whose tells about oneness of Allah n commandments of Allah.

Whosoever believe in oneness of Allah n follow his messenger or sunnah is known as believer or momin.

Islam says that whosoever include partner in the oneness of Allah is known as disbeliever or Kafir.

I am not believe in other religions but respect fully bcz according to Islam 125000 messengers of Allah had come on the earth after Aadam alaihaisalam n 25 messengers of Allah names mention in the Quran after 25 I never know whatever he is, ram, Krishna etc whoever that’s why I give respect to other religions.

And Jesus Christ mention in the Quran more than the Prophet Muhammad (saw) but according to Islam he is not a son of God.

Islam is also says that whoever worship other than Allah n not follow the messengers of Allah will be dwell in the hellfire,because it is also mention in Hindu scriptures of rigveda and Bible in Christianity.

And also make supplication other than Allah will be dwell in hellfire bcz supplication is also worship.

Five pillars of islam

1)believe in Allah n follow his messengers(shahadah)

2)perform Salah or prayers


4) fast in ramadan or sawm

5)pilgrimage or hajj once in a life

6)believe on predestination or taqdeer(he is Al Qadar n Al Ghaib)

Why believe in Allah n follow his messengers???

Whoever believe in the oneness of Allah n follow his messengers then they cope any physical mental conflicts with patience,hope n Allah give him more patience n strength for facing his conflicts.

Allah mention in many times in the Quran ‘o believer if u facing any difficulties then make dua in the prayers n follow sunnah then leave and fully submitted to me.

One Question will be arise in the non believers n for atheist chances is more that if u believe in oneness of Allah n follow his messengers why your god give you difficulties,answer is that life is a test in this world or dunya n this test must give all the human beings with lost of love ones, hungers,fears,health and wealth.

And atheist also says that n confuses the believers if Allah is creator n knower of things that u will do good or bad then why Allah give this life n takes test n why Allah dwells the human in Jannah or hellfire without test.

Answer is that because he gives warning many times in the Quran that u will not argue on the day of judgement that Allah you never warn before me.

Qur’an statement on finger prints?????

Every man in this world has a unique identity in the shape of finger prints and this knowledge has been discovered lately in the nineteenth century.

But Qur’an identified that finger print 1400 yrs ago,because the knowledge of Qur’an is the knowledge from Allah.

What is finger print??

A finger print is an impression left by the friction ridges of a human finger.

Unbelievers argue that after the dead bones disintegrated in the earth how people available on the day of ressurection or day of judgement.

Quran’s statement on finger print:-

A man came to the Holy Prophet,with a dead bones and asked him, “o Muhammad do you say that Allah will bring me back to life after I become like this dead bones?.then Allah and Almighty Mention in the Quran that,

Does man think his bones,we shall not gather.(Quran75:3)

Yes indeed we able to shape even small muscles of finger’s.(Quran75:4)

This emphasize that finger print has a very special meaning,every person has a unique finger print n unique identity.

A non believer argue to Dr zakir naik that what will happen with Hindus on the day of judgement n then Dr zakir naik reply by this verses.